The more people I have worked with the more I have begun to learn this philosophy. For most people wanting to achieve perfection is human nature. Competition is good, and it is healthy. We constantly compete in our daily lives when driving, at work, in school, and so many other ways. It is this competition that drives us to that perfection. “If this person is doing something well, I need to be perfect to surpass them.” However that can bring us into so many different issues in web design.

The problem begins to arise when this concept -the perfect is the enemy of the good- is set aside. Most people will already intuitively accept and practice this, especially those in business. Each year it would be great to upgrade computers, get new vans, have the nicest office space, and just overall have the newest, nicest, and best. Most people know however this isn’t fiscally responsible nor the way to run a business.

Most business owners have gotten where they are by controlling the situation, and having strong opinions of the direction and vision of the company. This may lead to a highly successful business but can be catastrophic when it comes to the website. Instead of making the site perfect you hit that old paralysis by analysis, jump over budget, and inevitably clash with the designers and other marketing members.

Instead of creating a beautiful masterpiece, you’re costing yourself more money, making the site take longer, and irritating other members of your team. Think of it like this. You wouldn’t bring in an attorney to help you with a legal problem and then tell him to step back and take your expertise into account, but often times that’s what is happening here with business owners. In fact an acquaintance in the industry told me they had nearly reached the 300th revision of this particular website. It didn’t have to do with lack of prep, but the perfection sought by the owner, and led to so much wasted time and resources.

So inevitably this leads to the question in which areas do you seek out perfection, and which do you allow to remain a good and highly acceptable version. The answer is it really lands in professional judgment and expertise. The good news for you is, that we can help you establish that. We have the knowledge, expertise, and passion to help you choose up front, and throughout the design and development process to get the quality you both expect and deserve. You wouldn’t show up to a business meeting unkempt and unprofessional, and we’ll ensure your website doesn’t either.


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